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Welcome at "grünes blatt" (german for green leaf)!

The current edition of "Grünes Blatt" Spring 2007 sets the theme for hopefully many more issues to come. It examines different perspectives on "Environmentalism from Below" and will in the future deal with environmenatal reports, debates and current problems and campaigns from an emancipatory perspective. We hope not to limit the diversity within the magazine but rather improve the quality through a more specific thematic focus.

Furthermore we would like to experiment with an "open concept" approach to designing and writing magazines. "Grünes Blatt" aims to be a field of trial and error in organizing the editing of a printed medium horizontally and non-hierarchically. Therefore we try provide equal access for all to this project. Not "membership" in the editing or publishing board is to be relevant for contributing to the magazine. Everybody is supposed to have the same chances to publicise their articles within the "grünes blatt". How exactly that is going to work and which problems occur, will be tested out in practice.

You are invited not only to read grünes blatt but also to creatively participate. You can write your own articles, further develope this website, or get involved in editing and layouting and designing the magazine's printed edition or simply make this medium widely known through recommending or advertising it. More information on that can be found on this website.


The edition Spring 2007 has just gone through the press. Subscribes will receive the magazine in the next couple of days. In due future we will also have another press release ready to promote the current edition.

The next edition Early Summer 2007 in due in June/July. Deadline for articles is the 10th of June. Texts and articles that have been published on this site up till then can and will appear in the next printed edition if that is wanted by the author(s).

Next print edition in work!

In this Wiki you can access both edition: Spring 2007 and Winter 2006/2007. You could now help to publicise out little project through designing promotion material such as Internetbanners, Templates for Exchanging Advertisements with other magazines, Postcard and so on. You could also distribute the Grünes Blatt to places and individuals that could be interested as well. It would be great if more people start to subscribe so that we can calculate the number of printed copies we need and lessens the financial risk.

At 20 March a press release was send out which promotes the Winter 2006/2007 edition as a "Medium from Envionmetalism from Below". It is currently only available in German language.

Articles for the present edition of Early Summer 2007 can be posted here.

How these webpages function for you

In order for you to get a good overview over the articles within "grünes blatt", we have established different categories and thematic divisions. Firstly we distinguish between articles that are solely published online and those that will appear in the printed edition. Those categories we once more split into years and editions.

Furthermore you can access such categories as, articles, media reviews, cultural reviews, comments, eco-advice, and communication, independently of year and edition. Every material published will only be put in one of those categories. In practice that means if you only want to check out proper articles you access the given category. Therein everything is ordered via years and editions. There is also an overview of those structural categories.

You are more then welcome to correct obvious typing errors and spelling mistakes. It could also be helpfull to make addition to the contents of articles. If you want to change the intention and message of an article however, it should be discussed on the discussion page prior to actual change, so to make sure that you have communicated with the original author and discussed the issue. The authors are in this case advised to check out and take those advices and additions into consideration, so to change the original article eventually. Changing articles without prior consultation which are not made visible as such, falsify the message of this very article as the author stands for the article with his name in most of the cases. Such changes are not desired and should be marked with the template "Falsification of Original" and "Falsification of Original 2".

Please register if you want to use this Wiki. That means that you give yourself a username and password. If you log on after that, you can change and amend articles as well as correct them. Being logged on also helps other to see who is making those changs and can contact you through your discussion page.

Considerations for the future developement of "grünes blatt"

In the present edition of Sprig 2007 we have published two articles that discuss both the possible future developments of grünes blatt towards a medium for "environmentalism from below" as well as an organizational experiment and open printed journal. As for all the other articles those two discussions also have a discussion page on which are more then welcome to comment and express your own opinion. We hope for a lively debate!

Articles will be accessible online inststantly from now on

The new concept of grünes blatt is aimed at offering this platform so that articles are published instantly and openly on the internet even before being available as printed copy. Printing will then take place as soon as there are enough articles and money available. The latter is a current and ongoing issue: The funding which was available in the past - provided by the youth welfare office in Magdeburg - has broken away which means that we have to find other ways to get the journal printed. That we need to do so is obvious. We need help and ideas however. More information can be found on the extra category "Donations".

How "grünes blatt" came into being

At the Youth Environmental Congress (JUKSS) in Germany an workshop was held with the theme "horizontally organised printed media" in order to discuss and debate how this perspective can be incorporated within grünes blatt. However it was also aimed at opening the journal up and putting it on a solid and binding ground of acitivists that would engage with it. The meeting was held on the 2nd of June at 5 p.m. during the JUKSS in Berlin - Königs Wusterhausen. It was themed "environmentalism from below and the grünes blatt was only one topic of many. At that meeting some people arranged future cooperations and agreed on meeting later on. The protocoll from the follow-up, the meeting of the preliminary "editors" can be found in the EditorWiki. The EditorWiki is password protected, which is however not supposed to be a barrier. In order to log type in the username "redaktion" and the password "grbl-passwort".

The grünes blatt could become the new journal for "environmentalism from below" as it were the Ö-Punkte and FUI (other German journals) in the past, before they broke down. An Email stating this objective was send out to past Media-Activists of the two journals and the current activists from grünes blatt. Up till know there his been a very humble echo, to say the least.

In regards to the content, the journal is therefore aiming towards reporting about emancipatory and radical environmentalism. This includes articles on the background of environmental issue as well as comments on current politics and critiques of the mainstream media's coverage on there issues. Especially the later is a huge taks, as the corporate media and corpoations constantly release pseudo-environmental reports that are almost excluisely contraproductive for emancipatory politics. Comments on this propaganda can be found in the back issues of grünes blatt. Yet another section of the journal could be ecological advice for everyday life.

In order to spread the idea of "environmentalism" from below there could be a link and address page that still needs to be developed. The list could cover both informative webpages and individual groups that work within the framework of environmentalism from below.

Another area that is essential for ensuring the emancipatory character of the journal, is improving the possibilities for pariticpation and inclusive decision-making even further for people who are interested in getting involved. The grünes blaat is supposed to be as open as possible towards new people. In order to do so we should try to lower the barriers for interaction intensively. That means: No desire for "professional design" and "scientific methods" but stressing variety and difference. That obviously does not exclude a proper layout and challenging articles from grünes blatt. However it sould always be ensured, that unexperienced people can publish articles and that the layout is more an experiment at which everyone can have a try and develope there skills.

New Website

Since the winter edition 2006/2007, grünes blatt has a new internet platform. We have transferred to wiki-software which is supposed to make editorial work easier and to support the idea of grünes blatt as an experiment of horizontally organising ourselves. Bit by bit, we will try to embed the older editons of grünes blatt, either assimilated to the new system or as links to the old webpages. What's new is the high-resolution pdf files of single pages of the grünes blatt. This means that everybody can reprint everything spontaneously if needed.

Caring for the Wiki

If you would like to change the wiki, please register first. Otherwise you will not be able to make those changes. This makes the "who did what" and communcations generally more transparent. It also means that you get access to functions of the wiki that only registered users can use. You can still remain anonimous by just using a nickname.

In the navigation menu on the left, you find the link "Current Edition". This leads you to the table of contents of the current issue. This however is not done automatically but needs to be configured. This is one feature that you can only do as an "Admin". If you want to be an Admin please contact WikiSysop on it's discussion page and you will gain administrative status.


We need a good lot of help. This includes:

  • Writing articles
  • Writing media critiques
  • Writing comments
  • Proofreading
  • Layouting
  • Design artwork /images for the journal / photographing / drawings
  • Think about advertisment methods
  • Publicising and networking with other organisations
  • Establishing and using mailinglists
  • Discuss current articles
  • Work out mainstream media contacts
  • Distributing and sending our current issues
  • Organise money
  • Improve webpage, adjust articles, care for wiki
  • Design an internet banner advertisement
  • Design a printable banner ad
  • Design postcards for publicity

However you can also make tiny little contribution. Important however is to make binding agreements. In the past it has turned out to be the biggest issue and obstacle for publishing was that people didn't make clear and honest statement about engagement, capacities and the "Who does What?"s. Often people didn't stick to their promises. That should change in the future.