2013-01:Talvivaara will Aktivist*innen fernhalten

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Talvivaara will Aktivist*innen fernhalten

fb As reported in August, Talvivaara mining company asked the Ministry of Interior for assistance in deporting activists visiting the area without authorization. It is the same company responsible for several environmental accidents in their facilities, particularly the huge spill in November 2012 considered the biggest Finnish chemical disaster in history. In spring the Vaasa Adminstrative Court had annihilated permissions for exceptional operations that were illegally granted to them by local authorities. Several breaches of rules and laws by the mining company had been first made public by concerned citizens and activists.

Instead of issuing serious legal consequences for an operator permanently polluting the environment showing their irresponsibility and criminal attitude in breaking the anyway weak regulations for environment protection from mining activities, now those people pointing on these issues are intended to be punished stricter. The Ministry already indicated to help Talvivaara mine when changing the Police Act Regulations in autumn. It seems authorities are saying: "Don't stop pollution of huge environments, but fine those who talk about it!"