2019-01:Termine und Veranstaltungen

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Termine und Veranstaltungen

26. April 2019 in Linz (A):
Nuclear Energy Conference 2019

25.–28. April 2019 in Wien (A):
Anarchist Black Cross - Solidarity festival

1.–7. Juli 2019 in Tschechien:
Klimacamp "Wir sind die Grenzwerte"
The third Climate Camp in Czech Republic will bring together climate activists and allied movements from the whole of central Europe - to live together in an autonomous space acording to our ideals, to network, to educate ourselves, to have a good time - and last but not least, to take action for an immediate phase out of coal and other fossil fuels.

10.–14. Juli 2019 in Harzgerode:
MOVE Utopia

12.–14. Juli 2019 in Hannover:
Aktionskonferenz gegen Tierproduktion

9.–15. Juli 2019 bei Nantes, Frankreich:
Transborder Summer Camp near ZAD
We call for this summer camp, to bring together different struggles to fight for freedom of movement and equal social rights. Transborder means for us to bridge structures along different flight routes and to create common strategies to fight for a society based on openness and solidarity and not on exclusion and exploitation.

17.–27. Juli 2019 bei Poznan, Polen:
Second Climate Camp

31. Juli – 5. August 2019 in Zuid-Holland (NL):
No Border Camp

8.–11. August 2019 im Rheinland
Sommer, Sonne, Antifa! Kultur- & Politik-Festival!

3.–12. August 2019 bei Leipzig:
Klimacamp Leipziger Land

5.–22. Juli 2019 in Thüringen:
Wer lebt mit wem Camp

24.–28. Juli 2019 in Lärz:
AJUCA (Alternatives Jugendcamp)

26. Juli – 4. August 2019 beim Hambacher Forst:
Camp for [future]

1. August 2019 weltweit:
Final Pre-Earth-Strike Protest

8.–16. August 2019 bei Berlin:
Come join us in creating a vision for a world in turmoil, a world unaware of the possibilities inherent in our European and Planetary heritage of nature and culture, of heart, mind and souls, of light and shadow.
pre-registration: WelcomeHome2Ecotopia@posteo.net

22.–25. August 2019 bei Basel (CH):
more info: femwo@immerda.ch
This year we want to create an open space to develop feminist ideas and create networks. There will be theoretical and practical workshops, discussions and also space for spontaneous ideas. The FemWo will would like to facilitate the connection of queerfeminist, anticapitalist and antiracist fights and has an intersectional approach. Open for all women*Lesbian* Trans*Inter*Genderqueer* people. Cis-Men are asked to solitarily not attend the weekend.

22.–25. August 2019 bei Wittstock:
Fre!lauf - DIY BIKE CAMP

Summer 2019 in Biarritz, Frankreich:
Widerstand gegen G7

1.–9. September 2019 in Unterlüß:
War Starts Here Camp

7.–8. September 2019 in Warschau (PL):
4th Warsaw Independent Bookfair

19.–25. September 2019 in Brunsbüttel:
FreeTheSoil Agriculture and Climate Justice Camp

27. September 2019 weltweit:
Earth Strike